Foxy Birthday Card

I’m not an organized person. I will never be an organized person. My craft room testifies to that fact. It looked like a disaster area. I thought about taking a picture, just to prove how chaotic it was, but was too mortified.

I’ve tried several times to “clean it up,” but within the first hour or two became overwhelmed, so I would just shut the door and save it for another day. But it was getting to me. Stifling my creativity. Saturday I decided that I was going to accomplish something, so I decided to tackle my craft table. I was just going to clean off my craft table.

I did. And that seemed to give me the boost I needed. I worked ALL DAY on my room. Cleaning. Purging. Getting things out of bags and boxes onto shelves and into drawers where they belong. It’s not done, but it’s soooo much better. Saturday night my three year old walked into the room, threw his hands in the air, and exclaimed, “Oh wow! I can’t believe this!”

It did the trick. I want to spend every spare minute I can in there creating. I’ve even been getting up earlier than my kiddos so I can have some alone time to create. In the early morning hours, before little people awake demanding my full attention (I wouldn’t have it any other way), I created this card.

This card is in response to three challenges currently taking place in the YouTube crafting community:


Amy Love

Huckleberry Herbs and Art

Be sure to check these ladies out when you have the chance. Also, I’m linking the process video of the card if you want to see how I made this card start to finish. 😊

Thanks for visiting! Be blessed!!



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